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Devinci Factory Sale

Up To 25% Off Bikes

Let Your Inner Rider Ride Free

It's the perfect time to find the Devinci for you while taking advantage of up to 25% off. Whether it's a road, mountain, or even electric-assisted bike, don't miss this opportunity to start your next adventure today!

Devinci Hatchet GRX RX400 20s
$2,459.00 $2,899.00 15% Savings
Devinci Milano Stepthru Altus 21S
$599.00 $779.00 23% Savings
Devinci Hatchet Claris 16s
$1,529.00 $1,799.00 15% Savings
Devinci Django GX 12S
$3,250.00 $4,999.00 35% Savings
Devinci Kobain SX 12s A29, Green Gold - MD
$1,874.25 $2,499.00 25% Savings
Devinci Hatchet Carbon Apex1 11s
$3,139.00 $3,699.00 15% Savings

Proudly Made In Canada

Aluminum was the seed that set a two-wheeled revolution in motion, when Devinci Bikes landed in Chicoutimi, Quebec, 35 years ago. From road to race to carbon and dual-suspension line-ups, today Devinci stands as a global frame-manufacturing leader, home to cutting-edge R&D facilities and a top engineering squad committed to the ultimate ride.

Every day the Devinci staff proudly makes bikes in their Canadian factory. Devinci firmly believes in making the most reliable, highest-performing bike, backed by a lifetime warranty, that’s worth every penny. Their commitment to quality and value means they make the right bike in the right factory. Sometimes the right factory is overseas. So, while Devinci doesn’t make ALL of their bikes in Canada, they make MOST of them here.


Devinci believes that every bike deserves the same level of attention. Whether it’s a Chainsaw that’s destined for lapping the park or a Marshall that’s destined for weekend adventures, every weld, tube and frame is treated with equal importance. Call it painstaking if you will, Devinci calls it passion. A passion to build Canadian rides you won’t feel sorry about.


Durability is one of the core values that every Devinci is built on. That’s why every Devinci, without exception, comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s our commitment to the bikes we make, to the place we make them and to everyone who rides a Devinci, for life. So, if you were looking forward to your “next” Devinci bike, we’re not sorry to say: this one will last.


On the surface, the rock of northern Quebec doesn’t seem like fertile soil for a bike brand. But look closer and see a community dedicated to the craft of welding bikes by hand. Witness a tight-knit riding scene steeped in hometown pride. See firsthand the expertise and influence of one of North America’s leading aluminum industries. Then take a step back. And you’ll realize that, while it looks different, this might be the most natural place for a bike brand on earth. You just have to trust the process. A land where passion is true, north and strong, and where expertise is unapologetically Canadian.


Riding passions last a lifetime. Now your bike does too.

Road & Gravel

High performance road and gravel bikes designed for those who like to break the routine. Wherever you roll, Devinci bikes are willing, able — and highly capable. Built with durability in mind and covered by a lifetime warranty, these bikes are designed to let you focus on the most important aspect of riding: enjoying the ride.


Whether it’s for your local gravel bike races, your bikepacking weekends or touring getaways, or tackling the most rugged gravel roads and nearby single tracks, check out the Hatchet. For an all-road bike that's equally suited to asphalt or gravel roads, the R-Spec version of the Hatchet in carbon or aluminum will meet your needs. 


Devinci's bikes are all about giving you the ride of your life, every day. Devinci looks to science to dial in the frame for speed and manoeuvrability, so whether you're riding your local trails or shredding double diamonds in Whistler, Devinci has the perfect bike for you.


One bike, zero excuses. The Troy is a quiver killer. In its fourth-generation, the 140mm travel frame gets a svelter rear-end with improved clearance and ample room for up to 2.6″ tires. If you’re looking for a trusty rig to take on everything your skills can handle, and maybe some stuff they can’t yet, the Troy is your bike.


Light, lively Split-Pivot Django brings unstoppable stoke to a tangle of trail types. This capable short-travel machine shines on climbs, while bringing adept handling to gnarled, technical turf. Jump on the fun-hogging Django 29 today and find your happy place — everywhere you ride.


Say hello to your new favourite ride! Any day on a bike is an opportunity to feel great and have a great time. What's not to love about the leisure series? With its sleek and stylish design, this hybrid bike line-up is perfect for everyday adventures or city excursions.


Trading a gas pedal past for a cleaner, powered-by-you future was the inspiration behind Devinci’s Leisure Series lineup. That and—of course—making everyday outings even more fun. Rear rack, fender, and kickstand compatibility enhance versatility across all models. And final-touch details such as a premium finish bolstered by clean, internal cable routing bring it all home in a sleek, stylish package. 


Looking for your next electric-assist bike? Go with Devinci's affordable, durable, and efficient e-bikes. Ramp up your adventures and discover new heights. Literally.


The same vision for the future that Devinci has in the analog Milano gets a boost in the E-Milano. The proven Shimano E5000 motor and 418Wh battery bring reliability and confidence-inspiring features to casual countryside excursions or mandatory mid-town romps. Your perfect ride starts here.

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