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NEW BIKE! 2020 8”/20 cm Steel Frame 1 Speed 12” Wheel Training Wheels
 Pashley Parabike/Tuberider
Fully restored Pashley Tuberider. Sold new about a decade ago at Halifax Cycles, this bike, originally pink, was put into use as a daily commuter until it was recently traded in and underwent a full restoration. New mechanicals, new consumables, new professional powder coat paint job, and a new colour! The Pashley Tuberider holds a special place for many Canadians. The tuberider is a recreation of the BSA Airborne used extensively by Canadian forced in the battles in France know as D-Day. While the enemy was busy fighting the insurgence presented in front of them on the beach, Canadians with their unique bicycle managed to swiftly and quietly get beyond enemy lines, circle around and attack from the back. Much credit is given to the Canadian forces and the use of this bicycle in the success of D-Day! We've attached some incredible photos taken June 6th 1944 of the original BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) bicycle in action, loading up, crossing the channel, and invading the beach, as well as the restoration, and re-build of our re-imagined Pashley now featuring a drab olive green powder coat paint job, (as was found on the original BSA) and complimentary fenders and chain guard. To say this bike is a tank is pretty accurate. Designed to be used in all weather, all year, our Pashley now features a Shimano Nexus 7 Speed internal gear and Drum/Roller brakes. All the mechanicals are internal making this bike nearly indestructible when it comes to salt, snow, and all weather riding. If you'd like to take it home with you, the bike is available for test rides and purchase. Book an appointment to try it out right here at
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