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Instrument Accessories

D'Addario XL Nickel Wound Guitar & Bass Guitar String Sets
$5.99 - $49.99
D'Addario XLs are the standard against which all other strings are measured. Since 1974, XLs have been the world's go-to electric guitar string. Drawn with high carbon steel wire, XL strings are precision wound for unparalleled consistency. Proprietary Hex-Core innovation ensures perfect intonation, consistent feel, and reliable durability, producing a string which is revered by guitarists everywhere. Available Sets: Guitar 8|38 9|42 9|46 9|54/7 9|65/8 10|26 10|46 10|52 10|46/12 10|74/8 11|49 11|52 11|56 12|54 Bass 45|105 45|135/5 50|105 50|120 50|135/5
D'Addario Assorted Guitar Straps
$14.99 - $42.00
Various Styles
D'Addario Capos - Various Models
$26.99 - $29.99
Thanks to our revolutionary, FlexFit™ technology, the pad used on the capo arm of the D’Addario Capo mimics the way the anatomy of the human finger functions when fretting a string--so you never have to worry about unwanted buzzing, muted strings, or intonation issues caused by varying capo pressure. With minimal overall pressure every string rings clear, clean, and in tune. The Pro Plus is designed to function perfectly on virtually all guitars, including flat fingerboard classical guitars, all the way to vintage electrics with a 7” fretboard radius.
D'Addario Instrument Tuners
$19.99 - $29.99
The advanced tuning algorithms allow you to tune in noisy environments
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